She was a real pleasure to be in consultations with. Having someone like her who is an expert in being a mom really helped me a lot. In addition, she has a great attitude. Thank you!

– Curtney


She has incredible knowledge on how to reach and stay engaged with her clients. Awesome consultations! She is very selective about who she will work with and makes sure that the consultations go smooth.

– Cheryl 


I have learned so much in these last 6 weeks doing consultations with her! Actually, more than I could ever imagine. This is a lifestyle change. No more chemicals or preservatives. No more calorie counting & feeling guilty. I can’t wait to keep going to consultations with her!

– Jenny


I’ve always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and have been a vegetarian for the last 20 years. I gave birth to my daughter in late January and gained 66lbs even though I continued to workout daily and eat healthy. During the first couple months postpartum I was still struggling with weight loss. I was still working out 6 days a week since 3 weeks postpartum but the weight just wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted. Thank goodness this site exists! The consultations worked!

– Brooke


This site is a fantastic way to meet other new moms in the neighbourhood and to share baby wisdom. She has organized an amazing schedule of information sessions and fun activities to do with our babies each week. The neighbourhood connection is key – and this is what makes this site so much better than others!

– Elizabeth