The Nesting Doll Journey You’d Like To Be A Part Of

The brightly painted wooden nesting doll is famous all over the world and for many years it has been a symbol of motherhood in Russian culture.In the XIX century, as a gift to the Mamontov family, a Buddha figure was brought from the island of Fukurum. The statuette carved out of wood was a surprise. The upper part of the souvenir was separated from the lower part, and a smaller figure appeared in the light, which in turn was opened in the same manner, hiding a miniature in itself. So the set had 5 figures.

The Right Souvenir

This brought souvenir served as a prototype for Russian nesting dolls. The wooden figure is the embodied image of a peasant girl. In addition to the assumption of the Japanese origin of the figurine, there is also an opinion that the idea of ??creating a toy was born thanks to the Russian tradition of carving and painting wooden Easter eggs.

The first nesting doll was made by master Zvezdochkin Vasily Petrovich, who first began to perform turning work in Russia. He proposed the shape of a wooden beauty. The figurine owes its vivid drawing to artist Sergey Vasilyevich Malyutin.

The Right Education with the Nesting Dolls

The Moscow workshop-shop “Children’s Education”, owned by Anatoly Ivanovich Mamontov, is considered the birthplace of nesting doll. But despite its origin, the real home of the toy is Sergiev Posadthe capital of Russian toys.

  • In 1900, a Russian souvenir was presented at an exhibition in Paris, where it caused universal delight. This success impressed foreign entrepreneurs who began to produce their own “a la russ” nesting dolls. But Russian beauties of German and French origin were not popular.
  • In the years of perestroika, many Russian painters, freed from the framework of the traditional painting of the nesting doll, created a new direction in the manufacture of figurines. This is how the notion of “Author’s Nesting doll” appeared.
  • The modern Russian beauty Matryona is still the epitome of traditional Russian art and is in demand among visiting foreigners seeking to understand the Russian soul, enclosed in a sculptural and pictorial work of art.


The nesting doll is a Russian semi-oval wooden toy in which the same smaller dolls are located. In our store there are various types of dolls, which differ in shape, color, and quantity. Buy Nesting doll Semenovskaya 6 in 1 in the online store “Arbuz-Karapuz” at the lowest price and in a short time, contacting the administrator or through the electronic form on the website, as well as through the form “Callback”.

Nesting doll Semenovskaya 6 in 1 has the following features:

  • The nesting doll is suitable not only for playing with children, but also as a souvenir gift for adults.
  • In the nesting doll there are 5 more nesting dolls of smaller size and different color.
  • All nested dolls are painted in beautiful bright colors that children will definitely like.
  • By tradition, the nesting doll is painted in the shape of a girl in a scarf with big eyes and bright red lips.
  • The nesting doll is made according to modern technologies, using high-quality materials that meet all the requirements.

Nested dolls became popular in Russia at the end of the 19th century and after more than 100 years they did not lose their popularity not only among Russian citizens, but also in other countries of the world.

Nesting dolls, these chic painted toys, have always been astonished not only by the toads, but also by adults. It is always a big secret how many figures are hidden in one beauty, will there be one more after this little one, smaller.

In our time, the themes for painting nesting doll are very, very much. These are classic girls in a painted scarf and a sundress, heroes of fairy tales, and even politicians. In our store you will find a nesting doll for every taste for any purpose. More amazing toys and valuable beautiful gift is not found.

Painting the Right Nesting Doll

Painting a russian nesting doll is one of the coolest and most useful activities for kids and adults. Thanks to him, a person forms a taste, a sense of beauty. The baby will learn to compose colors, to look for the best combinations. And this is not to mention the development of motor coordination, as well as fine motor skills! With the help of such an unpretentious and inexpensive nesting doll under painting can reveal the true talent of the baboon! In addition, parents will be happy to have such wooden painted news from the childhood of their beloved baby. For adults, this nesting doll is a great opportunity to forget about stress, relax, and feel the soothing scent of watercolor paint. And the result of their activities and you can decorate the home. By the way, in order to keep the picture longer on the figures, it is recommended to process them with a special varnish.

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