Parental Tips: Common Mistakes That New Parents Should Avoid

Whether experienced or not — all parents make mistakes. Our parents did, their mommies and daddies did, and, unfortunately, we’ll keep making them too. But that’s okay. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. There’s no question about it. Those first few months with a new baby in the house can be as frustrating, as much as they’re cute and wholesome.


However, the art of being a parent is that you first need to go through many mistakes before you can understand what it means to be a proper role model, provider, and support to your child. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t cheat a little. Using the experience of generations before you, you can make sure you don’t repeat some of the same mistakes.


In the following article, we’ll let you in on a few parenting life hacks. Hopefully, we’ll help you and your partner master the fine art of good parenting.

Baby Comparisons

One of the most common mistakes new parents make is comparing their newborns to other kids or themselves when they were little. How so? Well, the obvious one would be to compare the time it took someone else to begin walking. But this is a big mistake that can cause a ton of panic for both moms and dads.


Every person — baby in this case — has a unique timeline. Although there are overall timeframes when certain moments and developments should happen, there is no general rule to follow. If one of your kids or nephews began talking with actual words at ten months, it doesn’t mean your baby will do the same. It might take them a month or two more.


The same goes for walking, recognizing certain words and concepts, and so on. Therefore, it’s safe to say that making baby comparisons is something every new parent should avoid. Not only will it relieve them from stress, but it will also make sure they attend to their newborn and their needs without overthinking.

Carrying All Responsibilities Alone

The second common parenting mistake is to leave all work around the baby to one parent. The job of parenting is something that’s best done in cooperation with your partner. Moreover, it’s preferred to consult and ask grandparents and other family members for tips and help. After all, there’s no book about being a parent, so the best way to go about raising a child is to learn from others with experience.


Nevertheless, let’s get back on track here. Some people, mostly men, think that bringing up a baby is a female job. Well, it’s not. Although mothers have a better bond with their babies due to the child being inside them for nine months, fathers are important for taking the newborn on the right path.


No single person can accomplish all tasks involving a helpless child who can’t walk or talk. It’s simply too much to ask. So, sharing responsibilities is essential. You can make a schedule and talk about duties, like who is going to feed or take the baby to bed, get up in the middle of the night, and so on.

Setting Up High Expectations

In general, having high expectations and expecting your newborn to be a wunderkind works similar to baby comparisons. Like we’ve said, not one person in the world is the same. Each of us has unique timelines and potentials, and that’s perfectly normal. As such, expecting your baby and kids, in general, to behave, achieve, and perform like others is a massive mistake.


It’s okay to monitor your child’s progress and development. However, it’s a slippery slope that can lead to you becoming overly controlling. This is common when it comes to later child development in school, sports, or other aspects of social life. Therefore, don’t lose yourself trying to control your kid’s every move.

Ignoring or Stopping Baby’s Cries

It’s common for parents to worry when their babies are crying all the time. Moreover, it’s quite stressful when you don’t know why they’re doing it. But that’s perfectly fine. After all, the part of being a baby is to cry from time to time, and you shouldn’t stop it.


Yet, if you suspect something is wrong, you should, of course, ask for medical advice. This is especially important if they have belly problems, rashes, and fever. When it comes to the latter, baby fevers aren’t the same as adult ones. If they have a 100.4 temperature or above while a couple of months old, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Waking the Baby Up for Feeding

Namely, up to six months, the baby should only feed on breastmilk. This is the best type of nutrition, and it’s perfectly normal to engage in breastfeeding. In case the mother can’t breastfeed, there are supplements the baby can take. Moreover, there are other women capable of feeding the child for or without financial compensation.


Nevertheless, making sure your baby isn’t hungry doesn’t mean that you should wake it up every two or three hours. The baby knows when it’s hungry, and it will — you wouldn’t believe it — start to cry when it wants to eat. Sleep is essential for the proper development of an infant, so don’t wake them up on purpose.

Believing and Overreacting at Almost Everything

Like with most things out there, fake news is relevant for parenting as well. One of the most important parenting hacks that don’t get talked about often is to not believe and react to almost everything you hear or read about babies online. Parents find and trust all sorts of stuff on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media apps that are simply not true.


The best advice comes from doctors and your family members. So, don’t believe everything your coworkers, neighbors, or relatives tell you about being a parent at a dinner table. Take some time and think about whether their suggestions make any sense. If they do, speak to a medical worker to make sure if you should pursue such actions.

Keeping Unhealthy Habits and Vices

Finally, let’s talk about us for a change. Just like we like to watch our babies giggle and smile while in their small beds, they watch and learn from us. This is, in some ways, unfortunate because they pick up on bad habits and vices in later life. The most common are experimenting with drinks, drugs, and cigarettes when they get older. Of course, we should mention swearing too. Wouldn’t it be awkward if your baby’s first word was something nasty?

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